Wednesday, March 29, 2006

1999 Calendar Girls September

The September Calendar Girl represents the cocktail Blue Moon which gets it blue color from Blue Curacao liqueur. I think these two looks like a matching set of twins. They just happened to have their ponytails on opposite side. They are both dressed in summery lightweight yukatas. I love the soft lavendar color with their pale skin and lovely dark hair.

1999 Calendar Girls June and February

June represents the cocktail Grasshopper which gets its minty flavor from creme de menthe. Fitting with the minty theme, she is dressed in satiny green. The black lace overskirt lends a feel of elegance. February represents Margarita and is dressed in a wintery snow white coat with fur trim and an aquamarine jewel accent. Her outfit looks great with her bright red wavy hair.

1999 Calendar Girls March and May

March represents the drink Pink Lady which gets its pink color from grenadine syrup mixed with light cream. I love her elegant ballgown complete with stiletto high heel shoes. Her upswept hairstyle adds the perfect touch. The May Calendar Girl represents the drink Peach Fizz and has the perfect representative color scheme. Her outfit is so adorable. I love her almost serious expression and sleek straight auburn hair.

1999 Calendar Girls October and November

The November Calendar Girl represents the cocktail Hot Buttered Rum and is appropriately warmly dressed. I love the colors and the faux leather. She is also wearing matching brown knee high tall boots. I love her sleek hairstyle. October represent the drink Mimosa made with orange juice and Champagne. She was originally wearing a canary yellow evening gown with white fur trim. I think she looks adorable in this white faux leather outfit. Her hair is a cute strawberry blonde color.

1999 Calendar Girl January and Premium Excelina

The January Calendar Girl represents the cocktail Angel's Kiss which is a creamy sweet drink. Garnet is the January birthstone so I always think of red when I think of January. Red matches perfectly with her pale skin and brunette hair. The Excelina next to her is the Premium Calendar Girl. To get her by mail order, you have to have the complete set of Calendar Girls to send away for her. She has a really cute hairstyle and an elegant flowing red dress.

1999 Calendar Girls August and July

August represents the cocktail Salty Dog which actually contains salt mixed with grapefruit juice. Since "salty dog" also refers to sailors, she is appropriately dressed in a cute sailor uniform. She looks quite sophisticated. July represents the cocktail Blue Hawaii and is dressed in a cute blue beach outfit complete with hibiscus print detailing and a matching purse. She also has lovely tanned skin and sun bleached blonde hair.

1999 Calendar Girls April and December

The April Calendar Girl (Pure Love) is dressed in a pale pink Southern Belle outfit with cute ringlets in her hair. December (Egg Nog) is dressed in a Pioneer outfit. She looks like she just stepped out of the Old West. I love her upswept hairstyle. Her ochre underskirt is appropriately colored for her egg nog theme.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

1998 Calendar (Oct. - Opal) and Schoolgirl Abel

Here is the 1998 Calendar Girl for October (Opal) redressed. Her outfit is very detailed with tiny buttons and lace, a tiny tie, and ribbon accents. Abel is dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. I think the black looks great with her pale complexion and blonde hair. She looks so innocent.

Some tan skin Jennys

summer girls, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here are three tan Jennys. The first one is Erika. I like the combination of pale pink with her dark skin. The second one also has a great color combination with the cool aqua blue. The last one is Juliana dressed in a French Can-can outfit.

Sayaka and 1998 Calendar Girl - September

Here is Sayaka with a fantastic bob cut and dark brown hair. I think she looks great with dark hair. It matches her intense eyes well. She is dressed in a black and white striped kimono with pink accents. I redressed the 1998 Calendar Girl for September in this lovely blue kimono. She has a wonderful traditional style about her. She looks very complete with the cute flower-shaped kanzashi in her hair.

Kimono Jenny

Kimono Jenny, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here is a cute Jenny dressed in a red kimono with a sakura (cherry blossom) pattern. I love her bangs. They have a Rumiko Takahashi style about them.

Erika, Julia, and Olive dressed in Yukata

Here are Erika, Julia, and Olive dressed in yukata ready for a summer matsuri (festival). Erika has a bag of goldfish. Olive is carrying a cute little yellow kinchaku that matches her outfit.

1997 Birth Flower Calendar Girl - April

I love her hair. It is such a cute style, and the color is so lovely. She looks like an angel.


Violet, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

This Jenny has lovely rerooted purple hair. Her hair perfectly matches the purple accents in her kimono.

St. Tail uniformed Jenny and Happy Color Jenny

Here is a Jenny dressed in the school uniform from the anime series St. Tail. She looks so cute with her little beret. The colors are nicely complimentary too. Next to her is an adorable Happy Color Jenny in Blue.

Lolita Marine and Timotei

Lolita Marine and Timotei, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here is a Marine dressed in a black lolita outfit. I love her curly ponytails. Her pale complexion and blonde hair look great with black. She looks so delicate. Timotei is dressed in red which looks great with her pale skin and long straight brunette hair.

Rosana and Ellie

Rosana and Ellie, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here are Rosana and Ellie. I love the combination of Rosana's tan skin and warm blonde hair with the soft pink of her outfit. This tanned Ellie looks great with pink hair. The princess cut makes it look short but it is long in the back. Both of them are dressed up in wintery outfits.

Lilian and Mitsuki

Lilian and Mitsuki, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here is Lilian from the Angel's Garden International School series dressed in a summery yukata. Next to her is Mitsuki dressed in a playful looking orange kimono.

Mode Style Jennys

Mode Style, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here are a couple of Jennys dressed in Mode Style outfits.

Summertime Jennys

Summertime Jennys, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

These three girls look ready for the beach. The first one is a Hawaiian Jenny complete with Hula skirt, flower lei and headdress, and sun bleached wavy hair. The next one has a lovely mix of light and medium blue hair. I dressed her in a beach outfit because I think it suits her tan skin and her hair reminds me of the sea. The last one is the 2000 Calendar Girl for August redressed in a summery outfit.

Abel and Megu

Abel and Megu, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here is Abel dressed in a handmade country-style dress. I love her shoulder length hair style. The other doll reminds me of Megu from Tenshi na Konamaiki so I named her Megu. I love her hair color. She is dressed in a Takara Jenny Cute Casual outfit.