Sunday, August 01, 2004


mexican jenny, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

I found a black-haired Jenny and dressed her in a traditional Mexican party dress. She looks lovely. The dress has a petticoat to give it fluffiness. She also has red roses in her hair, a bead necklace, and gold earrings.

Umi (Sea)

black hair, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

I re-rooted a blonde Jenny with thick black hair like my mom's. My mom likes shorter hairstyles because her hair is so thick that it is very heavy when it is long. I vaguely remember my mom having a hairstyle like this when I was in grade school. I remember thinking it was so beautiful. I named this doll Umi which means Sea because my mom's middle name is Mar which is sea in Spanish.

Ayame (Iris)

Jurusia, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Marine's pink hair sparked an interest in making more fantasy hair colored dolls. I re-rooted a Jenny Friend doll with lavendar hair. I dressed her in a white kimono and renamed her Ayame which means Iris. I love her white zori sandals.

Princess Marine

princess marine, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

I love her pink hair. It is so shiny and translucent. She is wearing a pink gown with lots of accessories. The blue jewels in the tiara are the perfect accent to her outfit.

Kimono Jenny dolls 2

kimono2, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

More girls in kimonos. The one on the left is Aiko. The one on the right is Shion.

Kimono Jenny dolls 1

kimono1, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here are some Jenny dolls in kimonos. The one on the left was my first Jenny. She looks great in red. The one on the right is Marine. She has a very cute traditional hairstyle.