Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Volks EB J - French maid

maid2, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here is a customized Volks EB J. She has pre-rooted blonde hair. I hand painted the eyes and gave her a French maid outfit. She looks quite content. She must be enjoying her afternoon in the sun.

Volks EB mini collection - blue

blue2, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

When I rooted this doll's hair, I wanted to give her an interesting hairstyle. I think the braids help accentuate the two tones of blue in her hair. I usually use a contrasting eye color but I decided to make her monochromatic. I made her eyes light blue with dark around the edges like Eric's eyes. I have always thought pale blue eyes have a haunting elegance.

Volks EB mini collection - pink

pink2, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

This EB mini has Volks pre-rooted mini head with styled hair. I hand painted the eyes. She came out very anime-like. She looks very casual like she should be strolling along a beach.

Volks EB mini collection - orange

orange2, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

This is my first time to customize a tan body. I rooted her with bright orange and yellow hair to contrast her darker skin tone. Her eyes are blue-green to compliment her orange hair. She has a rather "kogal"-like look with the ponytails and trendy outfit.

Volks Mini EB Collection - yellow

yellow2, originally uploaded by mitsuki-chan.

Here is another from my Volsks EB mini collection. She has hand-rooted two-tone light blonde and yellow hair and hand-painted eyes. She looks like the class president type.